Making your small space feel big

Here are three clever tricks to make that small living space feel big!

  1. Contemplative paint choices

Choosing the right paint color for you small living space can immediately give the impression of more space. Choices like white, light gray and cream are recommended as they provide a clean, streamlined look, making the room feel brighter and look more expensive. It is a good idea to paint the ceiling white, this draws attention upward, creating visual openness.

If you would like to make the room look smaller, stick with dark colors. Coziness emphasizes the smallness of the room. This can be achieved with colors like black, dark gray and navy.

No matter which alternative you choose, paint is a quick and cost effective way to achieve the effect you are looking for

  1. Savvy storage

Small living spaces don’t always come with great cupboard space. By applying clever storage techniques clutter is kept at bay and everything you need is still close at hand.

The kitchen is a great place to implement the above mentioned cleverness:

  • Create an adjustable cooking area with roll-away pantries and islands.
  • Hang wine glasses or spices beneath cupboards.
  • Attach holders to the back of cupboard doors to keep things like foil, cling wrap and cleaning supplies out of the way in order

Don’t count the ceiling out! This is a great space to hang big things like bicycles

  1. Multitasking furniture

With limited floor space, purchase furniture that have a dual purpose, like drawers with hidden storage and multiple functions.  Drawers or crates can be stored under the bed. Leather ottomans can easily transition from a seat to a footrest or side table.


By thinking out side the box a little, you can go from a cluttered, cramped mess to an organized and inviting living space.