The Ultimate Screen, a motorized outdoor solar shade. Bridge the gap between interior and outdoor living with this phenomenal new product to make the transition into summer that much easier!

Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen is a motorized external sunscreen which offers a high- performance solution for heat & light control. The system is based on a fully enclosed head box or cassette, side guide profiles and screen fabric with welded zippers. The welded zippers keep the fabric and bottom rail stable inside the guide profiles and ensure that the product remains functional despite wind loads of up to 49km/h.
Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen helps establish the look and feel of any building. From houses to office complex, made-to-measure external sun screen will enhance the comfort and appearance of any building. Recent advances in textile development have greatly increased the quality of high-performance external fabrics.
Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen features a bevelled head box to meet the design, functionality and performance specifications of any window. Exclusive components make them simple to install, connect and operate in sunny days with an uncompromising quality; durable and trouble-free operation. Sun- or wind/sun sensors can be linked to the external sunscreen for customized control options

Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen has a patented design which allows safe andeasy frontal click fixation of the head box to the small pre-fixed side guiding channels.

Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen is designed to improve indoor environmental quality and conserve energy. These systems help build environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive and sustainable. Our engineering and production processes minimize embodied environmental impact while meeting the highest standards for residential, hospitality, industrial and commercial applications.


Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen offers a high-performance solution for heat
and light control. The system is engineered for ease of installation, flexible application and long durability. Our external fabrics are colour fast,
tear, rot and heat resistant and dimensionally stable.


Ultimate Screens are specially designed for long lasting use in situations with wind loads of up to 49km/h. Welded zippers on the screen fabric keep the fabric and bottom rail stable inside the side guiding profiles and ensure that the blind remains functional despite slight wind loads. It therefore also allows installation on high buildings and
in corner situations with wind levels of up to 49km/h. In addition, the ZIP
screen technique prevents hindering light from lateral openings and provides protection against insects.


The motorized Ultimate Screen is available with a bevelled head box for dimensions up to 4,300 mm wide and 5,000 mm high
(max. 15 m2). The watertight head box provides maximum protection against weather influences and has removable aluminium front cover profiles for easy maintenance. Last but not least, a patented design allows safe and easy frontal click fixation of the head box to pre-installed side guiding profiles.


Due to the weight and height, the installation of large motorized cassette blinds can already be a challenging task. In addition, the fagade construction may hinder the standard installation of a box on top of pre-installed side guides. The patented construction of Ultimate Screen allows frontal click installation of the head box in the side guides. In face fix situations, the head box does not need to be installed on top of the side guides first. This keeps the side guiding profiles small and above all makes the Ultimate Screen very easy and safe to install.